Health Transformation

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Health Transformation will create a new southern First Nations health governance structure that is representative of, and accountable to, First Nation communities. Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) recognizes the expertise of First Nation communities and health care professionals in developing and implementing a First Nations-governed health system. The model will be community-led and holistic, encompassing physical, spiritual, mental, economic, environmental, social, and cultural wellness.

Wellness Keeping: Healing Through Culture

Imagine a world where our people are among the healthiest in the world. For thousands of years, our people thrived by honouring the teachings of our ancestors.

On behalf of the Health Transformation Elders and Knowledge Keepers, it is our hope to share with you the wisdom of Anishinaabe and Dakota teachings to foster clarity, balance, and good health in our people and communities, in our Health Transformation series Wellness Keeping: Healing Through Culture.

As we reclaim our inherent right to health, it is important to remember that we all must take time to care for ourselves in ways that ground us in our roots. We challenge everyone to practice a way of caring for yourself that honors your cultural identity. Whether that be reconnecting in nature, spending time with a loved one, practicing ceremony or prayer, find something that speaks to you and nurtures your spirit. 

Health Transformation Initiative