Grand Chief Jerry Daniels

Coty Zachariah – Policy Analyst, Grand Chief’s Office

Kate Kent – Administrative Assistant, Grand Chief’s Office

Joy Cramer – Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Moore Rattray – Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Wood – Senior Policy Analyst

Ryan Bear – Senior Business Analyst

Cathy Kolochuk – Senior Administrative Officer

Miranda McIvor – Human Resources Manager

Wilma Manningway – Human Resources and Corporate Support

Brandon Sinclair – Office Manager

Sirous Barazandeh – Operational Manager

Chloe Courchene – Administrative and Events Officer

Deanna Peyachew – Status Card Registry Officer

Alexis Folster – Status Card Registry Pathfinder

Kyler Murray – Status Card Registry Pathfinder

Karen Swan – Status Card Administrative Clerk

Melanie Ferris – Director of Communications

Al Foster – Senior Correspondent

Alanna Yuen – Communications Officer

Jaiden Sandberg – Communications Assistant

Mona Bencharski – Senior Policy Analyst for Health Transformation

For a list of Health Program staff, visit the SCO Health webpage.

Joni Wilson – Jordan’s Principle and Wellness Services Lead

Jessica Yellowback – Jordan’s Principle Intake and Administrative Assistant

For a list of Jordan’s Principle Program staff, visit the SCO JP webpage.

Carol McCorrister – Mobile Crisis Response Team Lead

Chris Dvorak – Harm Reduction Program Coordinator

Debbie Houle – Administative Assistant

For a list of Mobile Crisis Response Team Members, visit the SCO MCRT webpage.

Keeley Phillips – Pathways to Healing Program Lead

Martina Fisher – Indian Residential School and Day School Survivors’ Liaison

Anna Huard – MMIWG2S+ Liaison

Nadine Swartout – Sixties Scoop and Child Welfare System Liaison

Justin Courchene – Traditional Healers Program Lead

Joanne Mousseau – Traditional Healers Administrative Assistant

Ashley Cochrane – Non-Insured Health Benefits Navigator

Margaret Swan – Director of Child Welfare

Michelle Stephen-Wiens – Senior Project Manager, CFS Program

Joanne Soldier – Community Engagement Manager – Training & Development

Terry Peebles – Executive Assistant

For a list of CFS Program staff, visit the SCO CFS webpage.

Wes Courchene – Acting Director of Justice Programming

Jeanine Pelletier – Community Justice Manager

Dylan Peyachew – Youth Project Lead

Kali Mann – Administrative Assistant

For a list of Justice Program staff, visit the SCO Justice webpage.

Geoff Reimer – Director of Environment Program

Cobina Hardisty – Environment Coordinator

Kenneth Courchene – Water Authority Program Navigator

Kelly McCartan – Administrative Assistant

Zhenyu Wu – Chief Financial Officer

Digna Maranan – Comptroller

Lizel Dela Cruz – Finance Clerk

Heydy Hernandez – Finance Clerk