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Southern Chiefs’ Economic Development Corp

About Us

The Southern Chiefs’ Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) was launched in 2018, to enhance and strengthen the economic base of the 34 Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) member First Nations. The SCEDC is focusing its efforts on the pursuit of economic reconcilation to create employment and training opportunities for southern First Nation citizens.

“The SCEDC is an opportunity for our youth to rise out of the turmoil of living in poverty and into prosperity. My message is clear, the south is open for business. The creation of SCEDC is the first step to taking back economic sovereignty for our people.” 

– Grand Chief Jerry Daniels, Chair of the Board

The Southern Chiefs’ Economic Development Corp. has entered into Joint-Venture Agreements with organizations that focus on building national skills inventories/databases of the Indigenous workforce to maximize the existing and future potential of southern First Nation communities.

Southern Chiefs’ Organization and the Southern Chiefs’ Economic Development Corporation are members of the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

Helping Southern First Nations Grow

Founded in 1999, the Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) strives to protect, preserve and enhance the First Nations Peoples inherent rights, languages, customs and traditions. SCO has now developed an Economic Development Corporation to improve the economic, social, and political well-being of our nation. With a strong focus on a holistic approach to economic development, SCEDC will consistently base all future endeavors on 8 core values: Business, Health, Education, Environment, Social Responsibility & Communications, Youth, Political and Marketing.