Marketing Guide for Freshwater Fishers
in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

The Pakitawawin Marketing Guide for Freshwater Fishers was developed to assist fishers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. It is meant to share helpful information about the selling and marketing of fish and about fishing regulations and more.

Everyone knows fish ends up on a plate or is used as an ingredient. Few people know how fish or freshwater fish gets from the boat to the table. In some cases, there are misconceptions about the way fish is caught, processed, and packaged.

The overall purpose of the guide is to assist fishers, communities, and industry in preparing and moving forward on the development and implementation of their own marketing plans.

The guide can be read online here, or is available in print at Southern Chiefs’ Organization in Winnipeg at 1572 Dublin Avenue weekdays between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm (closed between 12 noon and 1:00 pm) or can be mailed to you (at no cost) by contacting


Jerry Daniels

Water is sacred, and the fish found in the waters that flow throughout our Territories have sustained us since the beginning and throughout the generations.

I would like to thank our fishers, in particular those who so generously shared their knowledge with us in the development of this guide. Thank you also to Dr. Stewart Hill, we are grateful to him for sharing his expertise in natural resources and environmental management and supporting this guide by reviewing its content.

I would like to acknowledge Michael Renwick for his dedication to this project. Michael is a specialist with many decades of experience in the fisheries, fish, and agri-food product sectors in Canada, the United States, East Asia, European Union countries and beyond. His knowledge and expertise brought this guide to life.

Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) recognizes the partnership and support of William (Bill) Galbraith and Megan Pearson of the Economic and Business Development Branch of Indigenous Services Canada and funding from the Strategic Partnerships Initiative’s Indigenous Inland Commercial Fisheries Initiative (IICFI).

Thank you to the Chiefs and citizens of the 34 Nations that SCO represents. You are our North Star, setting the direction for everything we do. Thank you to all of our relatives throughout the Territories now known as Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Thank you also to our Ancestors, who have been on this land since the first sunrise and who have spent millennia on the waters. We recognize the sacredness of the water, the fish, and all of Creation, and we honour the water that sustains life on our shared planet.

Chi-miigwech, Pidamiye, and Thank You.