SCO Launches Weekly Radio Program: Fireside Chats with Grand Chief Jerry Daniels

January 19, 2024

“Telling stories and sharing information is an important part of the work we do as advocates.” – Grand Chief Daniels



ANISHINAABE AND DAKOTA TERRITORY, MB — Today, the Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) is proud to announce that it is launching a new weekly radio program called “Fireside Chats with Grand Chief Jerry Daniels.” The 30-minute radio program will air every Friday evening from 5:30 to 6:00 pm Central Time on NCI FM.

“The Southern Chiefs’ Organization is committed to advocating for more than 85,500 citizens from
34 Anishinaabe and Dakota Nations in what is now southern Manitoba,” said Grand Chief Daniels. “SCO has a strong commitment to telling positive stories and sharing information, programs, and services that have a benefit to our member Nations. SCO is launching this new radio program to help people learn more about SCO and the advocacy work we are doing.”

The radio program will look at the history, present, and future of SCO. On the first episode, premiering tonight at 5:30 pm, listeners will hear from a long-time Chief, Cornell McLean of Lake Manitoba First Nation. They’ll also be introduced to one of our two SCO Youth Chiefs, Tréchelle Bunn from the Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation. The program is hosted by Grand Chief Jerry Daniels. Listeners in the Winnipeg area can tune into NCI at 105.5 FM.

“Radio is a powerful medium. I am proud to be the first guest on Fireside Chats with Grand Chief Jerry Daniels,” stated Chief McLean. “SCO will celebrate 25 years of advocacy in 2024, and I think this is a perfect time to launch a radio program to take a look back at the history of SCO while we also consider the programs, projects, and services we are working on at SCO today.”

SCO is broadcasting on NCI, which is also known as Native Communications Inc. NCI operates in Manitoba as a public broadcaster. It is an Indigenous service organization offering radio programming throughout Manitoba, designed for and by Indigenous people. NCI is also a non-partisan organization.

“Fireside Chats with Grand Chief Jerry Daniels will air on Friday before the ever-popular Friends on Friday radio program. This is one way we will continue to share information with citizens from SCO member Nations,” said Grand Chief Daniels. “I encourage everyone to tune in on Friday at 5:30 to learn more about SCO.”


The Southern Chiefs’ Organization represents 34 First Nations and more than 85,500 citizens in what is now called southern Manitoba. SCO is an independent political organization that protects, preserves, promotes, and enhances First Nations peoples’ inherent rights, languages, customs, and traditions through the application and implementation of the spirit and intent of the Treaty-making process.

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Grand Chief Daniels at NCI's radio studio