Grand Chief cautiously optimistic by Fed announcement on Child Care

November 30, 2018

Media Release

November 30th, 2018

Grand Chief cautiously optimistic by Federal announcement on co-developed legislation on Child Care which will give First Nations more control over their children

ANISHINAABE TERRITORY, MB –Grand Chief Jerry Daniels says the path to changing the record on child care won’t be easy but proposed co-developed legislation announced today by the Federal Government is promising.

“It’s another step toward full jurisdiction and a comprehensive self-governing agreement for the Anishinaabe and Dakota Nations,” said Daniels. “The acknowledgement of our previous and current Federal and provincial governments’ policies need to change is a step in the right direction. We need to look at the way that the current systems can work together to ensure our children have the opportunity to receive the supports and services for better life outcomes regardless of where they reside.”

The bill, to be tabled in early 2019 was developed through consultations with key stakeholders and is expected to contain the right to self-determination of First Nations people to decide for themselves their laws, policies and practices as it pertains to child and family services.

“This legislation would give us the ability to take control of a vital issue in our communities and deal with it in what we consider to be best practice, not someone else’s definition of that,” he added.

Grand Chief Daniels looks forward to meeting with Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott next week to solidify the road map to jurisdiction on First Nation child and family services. “We want to ensure that the Anishinaabe and Dakota children’s rights are upheld and honoured. We heard that there will be a laying down of set of principles based on UNDRIP and the Declaration on the Rights of the Child and affirming the Indigenous peoples inherent right to self-determination,” he said.

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