Non-Insured Health Benefits Navigator

Southern Chiefs' Organization Inc. has secured a Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Navigator for community members who are having difficulty accessing non-insured health benefits. The objective of the NIHB Navigator is to provide advocacy and support for SCO First Nation members, and make the NIHB program more user-friendly.

The NIHB Navigator is here to help:

  1. Provide support and advocacy for community workers in assisting their clients accessing NIHB
  2. Advocate with the federal government & health professionals on behalf of First Nations to resolve NIHB issues
  3. Support leadership in the work of advocating for policy change within NIHB
  4. Work to strengthen relationships with health providers, provincial & federal partners
  5. Improve awareness of the NIHB program & provide information to clients and service providers on the eligible benefit areas and how to address denials and appeals

Our NIHB Navigator is also available to make presentations (on zoom or in-person depending on COVID-19 restrictions) for organizations. To contact our Navigator about organizing a presentation for your organization, or for other questions, please contact us by phone at 204-946-1869, extension 120 or click here for email.

Call for Advisory Members for the NIHB’s Medical Supplies and Vision Care Advisory Committees

The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program had previously announced a call for membership for their Medical Supplies and Equipment and Vision Care Advisory Committees (MSEAC). At this time, they have begun a non-competitive (sole source) approach to fill the remaining vacant positions. For your information, please find attached the Terms of Reference for this committee.

For more information check out the full posting.


The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program of Indigenous Services Canada provides clients (registered First Nations and recognized Inuit) with coverage for a range of health benefits, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications, dental and vision care, and medical supplies and equipment.

Children are now able to use the identification number of their eligible parents until they are 24 months of age.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, service providers should accept status cards or Temporary Confirmation of Registration Documents (TCRDs), with identification, even if the renewal or expiry date has passed, until offices re-open.

You can now access your claims, approvals and denials through the NEW Express Scripts website.  To register you will need your Status Card.

To apply for a Status Card for your child you must fill out the Secure Certificate of Indian Status form.  You must also provide documentation stating you are the guardian of the child/dependent, photos of the child/dependent that meet the photo requirements, and photocopies of the front and back of your valid identification. Each photocopy needs to be signed by a guarantor if applying through mail.  Visit How to apply for a status card for more information.

Yes, NIHB would cover the other 20% in this case, as long as it is an eligible benefit and you have not exceeded the amounts available for the billing year.

It is recommended to keep private insurance as it covers most items not covered by NIHB. For example, services such as physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage therapies are not benefits covered by the NIHB program

You are able to access 20 sessions per year through an eligible provider. You can call the provider directly through the list provided below or feel free to call our Navigator and they can assist on getting you set up with counselling services.

If you require more sessions with a mental health provider then the 22 hours you receive yearly, you can contact the NIHB mental health line - toll free number to request more at 1-800-66508507. Please reach out to our NIHB Navigator with any questions as well.

NIHB Navigator Program

Non-Insured Health Benefits Navigator Information


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