Health Research and Engagement

Program Objectives:

Consistent engagement with community Health Directors is a priority for running this program.  Whether it is supporting communities in advocating for their individual health program needs, or collectively moving forward with new initiatives for transforming health care service delivery, this program is designed to let the grassroots take the lead and drive change from within.  Developing a communication network and hosting networking meetings for grassroots leadership in health is one means of delivering better opportunities for collaborative action. Strategizing to connect the work of the Health Directors to the politics of the Southern Chiefs of Manitoba First Nations communities is key to driving change.  Advocating for inclusive decision making, accountability, and transparent processes helps guide the ethics of a revolutionary transformation in health for our community members.

Key Activites:

Health Consultation

  • Identify health issues in a consistent and proactive manner
  • Systematically address health priority issues
  • Regular engagement with organizations on health-related issues
  • Form partnerships with health policy/research groups
  • Build relationships and partnerships for addressing health issues with corporate sector, federal/provincial/territorial governments and non-government organizations

Health Liaison 

  • Participate in the coordination of health programs by ensuring health needs are identified and priorities are set
  • Facilitate networking process between communities
  • Facilitate information sharing by planning and arranging health conferences
  • Plan, organize and ensure quality community-based health services are delivered to SCO member communities
  • Make recommendations to the SCO Chiefs on overall direction, policy and control of management of their health programs and services
  • Establish policy directions that reflect community philosophies and goals
  • Review policies and establish standards of performance regarding personnel, management and service delivery
  • Assist in the evaluation of services provided by various health care agencies
  • Consult with member communities on further development of managerial/administration skills in band-controlled health care systems



What is Diabetes

You Are At Risk

Type 2 Diabetes

Being Active

What You Eat Matters

Diabetes and Smoking

Diabetes 2014 Report Card


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Alcohol & Pregnancy Facts

FASD Services in Manitoba

Pregnancy, Alcohol & Trauma

Why is it Safest Not to Drink During Pregnancy

Treatment and Care

Why Women and Girls Drink During Pregnancy


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

Manitoba HIV Fact Sheet 2015

Manitoba HIV Report 2015


Mental Wellness

Aboriginal Health Programs Guide

First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework – Summary Report

Mental Health Guide

Mentally Healthy Communities – Aboriginal Perspectives


Other Resources


Cancer Care


Food Security






Maternal Child


Mental Wellness


Palliative Care


TB (Tuberculosis)


National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health


Regional Health Authorities

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Prairie Mountain Health Authority

Southern Health Authority

Interlake-Eastern Health Authority


First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba


Health Governance