Health Care Heroes 

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Meet our Health Care Heroes!

The Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) launched the Health Care Heroes campaign in 2024 to recognize health care professionals who support First Nation citizens from SCO Nations.

There are many people working in the health care field who work tirelessly to improve the health and well-being of our citizens.

As part of our mandate to transform health care for southern First Nations, SCO is proud to highlight the work of our citizens who have chosen a career in health.

SCO Health Care Heroes

Susan Dupuis, Swan Lake First Nation

Meet a remarkable and holistic healer from the Swan Lake First Nation: Susan Dupuis is an award-winning Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) based out of the Reactive Massage Clinic in Brandon.

Susan’s career path has always been focused on body work. She actually began as an actor, but knew that she needed to develop more intuition and knowledge when it came to movement. She went on to become a certified yoga instructor and Thai yoga massage practitioner. That all eventually led to her current career as an RMT.

There’s even more to this story: Susan is an intergenerational residential school Survivor, and she has experienced immeasurable loss in her life with the death of a child.

Despite those challenges, she has drawn upon her own resilience and culture to rise up and provide healing to others.

Susan says she looks at every massage session as an individual ceremony.

SCO is justifiably proud of Susan, and we are grateful for her work, and for sharing her story with us. We are also confident this incredible ikwe will serve as inspiration for our citizens entertaining the idea of a career in health care.

Know a Health Care Hero?

Are you or someone you know a health care hero who works in an SCO Nation?

Please fill in the form here to share your story or email us directly at sharing your nominee’s name, health care job, story of why they are a health care hero, and contact information.

SCO Health Transformation will connect with nominees selected to be health care heroes.