Health Directors

In April 2022, a Chiefs-in-Summit resolution (PDF) was passed directing Health Transformation to work with Health Directors in the development of a Health System Governance model and mandating also, the development of a 5-year health Transformation workplan. This resolution was directly responsible for the establishment of a new Health Directors’ Association. The Health Directors’ Association (PDF) will:

  • Lead the Health Human Resource Strategy, setting policy directions
  • Be represented on the Chiefs’ Health Action Table
  • Play an active role on setting the policy direction for a Governance model
  • Play an active role in the board development of the future Health System

Health Directors 

Female Shadow image

Ms. Donna Everette

Berens River First Nation

Chief Jacob Berens Mino-Ayaawin Centre

Evelyn Pratt

Evelyn Pratt

Birdtail Sioux First Nation

Birdtail Sioux Health Centre

Lucy Bird, Health Director

Lucy Bird

Black River First Nation

Black River First Nation Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Karen Cook

Bloodvein First Nation

Bloodvein Nursing Station

Jean Bear

Jean Bear

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Penny Thomas (acting)

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Health Centre

Colleen Eagle, Health Director

Colleen Eagle

Canupawakpa Dakota Nation

Canupawakpa Dakota Nation Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Ms. Sherry Smoke

Dakota Plains Wahpeton Nation

Dakota Plains Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Ms. Lisa Beardy

Dauphin River First Nation

Dauphin River Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Lillian Houle

Ebb and Flow First Nation

Ebb and Flow Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Cheryl Melnyk

Gambler First Nation

Gambler First Nation Health Department

Female Shadow image

Ms. Michelle Bushie

Hollow Water First Nation

Adam Hardisty Health Centre

James Bone

Mr. James Bone

Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation

Keeseekoowenin Health & Wellness Centre

Melanie Harper, Health Director

Ms. Melanie Harper

Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation

Kinonjeoshtegon Health Centre

Lawrence West

Mr. Lawrence West

Lake Manitoba First Nation

Lake Manitoba Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Darlene Woodhouse

Lake St. Martin First Nation

Chief-Mah-Sah-Kee-Ash Memorial Health Centre

Mr. Ernest Keeper

Little Grand Rapids First Nation

Little Grand Rapids Health

Female Shadow image

Ms. Val Sinclair

Little Saskatchewan First Nation

Little Saskatchewan Health Centre

Isias Harper

Isias Harper

Long Plain First Nation

Long Plain First Nation Ginooshkodeyaang Treaty One 287 (35) Health Services

Female Shadow image

Jessica Chartrand

O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation

O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Nellie Crow

Pauingassi First Nation

The New Dream Lodge

Female Shadow image

Doris Bear

Peguis First Nation

Peguis Health Centre

Gwen Traverse, Health Director

Gwen Traverse

Pinaymootang First Nation

Pinaymootang Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Jennifer Chartrand

Pine Creek Anishinabe Nation

Pine Creek Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Mary L. Bruce

Poplar River First Nation

Poplar River First Nation Health Resource Centre

Female Shadow image

Charlotte Chaske

Rolling River Anishinabe Nation

Southquill Health Centre

Guy Gosselin

Guy Gosselin

Roseau River Anishinabe Nation

Ginew Wellness Centre

Adam Sanderson

Adam Sanderson

Sagkeeng First Nation

Sagkeeng Health Centre

Female Shadow image

Virginia Lukianchuk

Sandy Bay First Nation

Sandy Bay Health Centre

Sara Rommelaere

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

Sioux Valley Health Centre

Peter Chartrand

Peter Chartrand

Skownan First Nation

Skownan Health Centre

Teresa Mekish portrait

Teresa Mekish

Swan Lake First Nation

Swan Lake First Nation Health Centre

Lena Clearsky

Lena Clearsky

Waywayseecappo First Nation

Waywayseecappo Health Centre

Chief Dennis Pashe

Chief Dennis Pashe

Dakota Tipi First Nation

Dakota Wicozani Health Centre