Joy Cramer

Director of Operations

Wilma Manningway

Assistant to the Director of Operations

Kathleen Stone

Financial Controller

Chloe Courchene

Administrative Assistant

Youth Council Coordinator

Kate Kent

Assistant to the Grand Chief

Coty Zachariah

Political Advisor to the Grand Chief

Brandon Sinclair


Diane Kelly

Director of Child and Family Services

Natalie Daniels

Child and Family Services Liaison

Jessica McKay

Assistant to the CFS Liaison

Gabriela Jimenez

Environmental Projects Engineer

Nicole Everett

Violence Prevention & Safety Coordinator

Debbie Reid

Director of Health Transformation

Joni Wilson

Health Research & Engagement Liaison

Ashley Cochrane

Non-Insured Health Benefits Navigator


Chantell Barker

Director of Justice

Joanna White

Community Justice Development Coordinator

Wes Hunter

Youth Empowerment Program Coordinator

Bonnie Woodhouse

Community Justice Worker


Lisa Makwebak

Community Justice Worker


Crystal Nepinak

Community Justice Worker

Pine Creek

Andrea Swampy

Community Justice Worker


Eric Kristjanssen

Community Justice Worker

Long Plain

Arnold Spence

Community Justice Worker

Sandy Bay