Grand Chief Jerry Daniels

Margaret Swan – Senior Political Advisor to Grand Chief

Coty Zachariah – Policy Analyst to Grand Chief

Kate Kent – Executive Assistant to Grand Chief


Joy Cramer – Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Moore Rattray – Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Rogozik – Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Wilma Manningway – Human Resources and Corporate Support

Brandon Sinclair – Office Manager

Russell Burton – Senior Policy Analyst


Brian Brown – Senior Financial Advisor

Cathy Kolochuk – Corporate and Finance Officer


Diane Kelly – Director of Child and Family Services

Candace Campbell – Child and Family Services System Navigator

Ada Uddoh – Child and Family Services Policy Analyst

Donna Gauthier – Executive Assistant for Child and Family Services

For a list of CFS Program staff, visit the SCO CFS webpage.


Crystal Brown – Community Justice Development Coordinator

For a list of Justice Program staff, visit the SCO Justice webpage.


Harmony Redsky – Director of Health Transformation

Matthew Handscombe – Information Governance Coordinator, Health Transformation

Mona Bencharski – Senior Policy Analyst of Health Transformation

Cheryl Fontaine – Community Health Transformation Liaison Manager

Reannon Batson – Administrative Assistant, Health Transformation

Ashley CochraneNon-Insured Health Benefits Navigator and First Nation Health Services Navigator

For a list of Health Program staff, visit the SCO Health webpage.


Caitlin Reid – Manager of Communications

Al Foster – Senior Correspondent

Vic Savino – Communications Officer

Chloe Courchene – Administrative and Communications Assistant


Anike French – COVID-19 Pathfinder

Kenneth Courchene – COVID-19 Pathfinder

Tyson Woodhouse – COVID-19 Pathfinder