Chiefs’ Health Action Table

The Chiefs’ Health Action Table (CHAT) serves as an advisory and leadership table throughout the process of  implementation of SCO Health Transformation initiatives. CHAT is chaired by Acting Chief Gordon Bluesky of Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and currently comprised of 16 members. CHAT guides the Health Transformation process by providing direction, identifying issues, and working with other leadership to build support for the Health Transformation process.

CHAT Terms of Reference (PDF)

CHAT Membership

Chief Gordon Bluesky portrait

Chief Gordon Bluesky

CHAT Chair

Brokeanhead Ojibway First Nation

Chief Sheldon Kent

Black River First Nation

Chief Lola Thunderchild portrait

Chief Lola Thunderchild

Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation

Chief Cornell Mclean

Lake Manitoba First Nation

Donny Smoke potrait

Chief Donny Smoke

Dakota Plains First Nation

Chief Cameron Catcheway

Skownan First Nation

Chief Kyra Wilson

Long Plain First Nation

Diandre Thomas-Hart

SCO Youth Chief Diandre Thomas-Hart

Peguis First Nation

Lyle Gabriel

SCO Youth Chief Lyle Gabriel

Skownan First Nation

Gloria Rach

Gloria Rach

Tribal Health Director DOHS Health

Tyler Geisler

Tribal Health Director Interlake Tribal Reserves Council

Candace Linklater

Candace Linklater

Tribal Health Director Southeast Resource Development Council

Diane McDonald

Diane McDonald

West Region Treaty 2 & 4 Health Services