Southern Chiefs of Manitoba

Mission Statement

We, the Chiefs of the Southern First Nations of Manitoba, hereby agree to establish an independent political forum to protect, preserve, promote, and enhance First Nations peoples’ inherent rights, languages, customs, and traditions through the application and implementation of the spirit and intent of the Treaty-making process.


The Southern Chiefs’ Organization was established in March of 1999:

1.1 to assist members First Nations in the advancement and achievement of their goals as mandated by the Chiefs meeting in Summit;

1.2 to provide a common front for initiatives mandated by the Chiefs meeting in Summit;

1.3 to promote and assist member First Nations in providing good government for their First Nations;

1.4 to assist member First Nations in promoting and defending Treaty and Aboriginal rights as mandated by the Chiefs in Summit;

1.5 to assist member First Nations in holding the Crown, and holding the Federal and Provincial governments responsible for the fulfillment of their fiduciary duties and other responsibilities and obligations.

Read more by downloading our SCO Constitution and Accord

Member First Nations of Southern Chiefs’ Organization

Berens River

Chief Norman McKay

Birdtail Sioux

Chief Ken Chalmers

Black River

Chief Sheldon Kent



Chief Derek Cook


Chief Deborah Smith

Buffalo Point


Chief Andrea Camp


Chief Viola Eastman

Dakota Plains

Chief Orville Smoke

Dakota Tipi


Chief Eric Pashe

Dauphin River


Chief John Stagg

Ebb and Flow

Chief Wayne Desjarlais



Chief David Ledoux

Hollow Water

Chief Larry Barker


Chief Norman Bone


Chief Dave Traverse

Lake Manitoba

Chief Cornell McLean

Lake St. Martin

Chief Adrian Sinclair

Little Grand Rapids

Chief Raymond Keeper

Little Saskatchewan

Chief Hector Shorting

Long Plain


Chief Dennis Meeches



Chief Eugene Eastman



Chief Roddy Owens



Chief Glenn Hudson



Chief Garnet Woodhouse

Pine Creek

Chief Karen Lynn Batson

Poplar River

Chief Vera Mitchell

Rolling River


Chief Michael McKay

Roseau River

Chief Craig Alexander


Chief Derrick Henderson

Sandy Bay

Chief Lance Roulette


Chief Cameron Catcheway

Swan Lake

Chief Francine Meeches


Chief Barry McKay


Chief Murray Clearsky