Jolene Mercer, Director of Operations

Wilma Manningway, Assistant to the Director of Operations 

Wilma is an Ojibway of Peguis First Nation.  She is an enthusiastic and innovative professional with extensive experience in the Administrative and Executive Assistant field with over 20 years experience.

She joined Southern Chiefs Organization in October 2016 in the position as the Assistant to the Director of Operation.  Part of my responsibilities are reporting and operating directly to and under the Director of Operations, including the day to day scheduling and maintenance and operations of the records and documents.

In addition to her duties as an Assistant, Wilma is also involved in attending sporting events held in her community.

Juliet Cadiz, Executive Assistant to GC

Juliet started with Southern Chiefs’ Organization in January 2017 in the position as the Executive Assistant to the Grand Chief.  Her role is to provide administrative and secretarial support with daily scheduling, routing correspondence and initiating telecommunications to name a few.

In addition, she is a yoga teacher and practitioner advocating for body positivity and healthy living.  Juliet is passionate about sharing her energy to help improve one’s quality of life.  She believes that an issue that effects an individual, affects us all.


Natalie Daniels, Child and Family Services Liaison

Natalie Daniels is an urban Indigenous mother and wife from the Treaty One Territory and an off-reserve band member of the Peguis First Nation. She has worked 14+ years within the Manitoba CFS system as a Case Manager, Program Developer and Family Enhancement Leader. Natalie looks forward to building positive relationships with communities, families and their children.




Chloe Courchene, Administrative Assistant

Chloe is a member of Sagkeeng First Nation. She has been employed with Southern Chiefs’ Organization since August 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. Chloe has been committed to her work at SCO, first working under the Violence Prevention and Resource Program as a Program Assistant to moving on to being Administrative Assistant to all Programs. Her responsibilities focus on providing administrative support to program managers in a variety of tasks. While working with Southern Chiefs’ Organization, Chloe has gained great experience in communication, writing, growing partnerships with coworkers along with other tasks.

Bev Sinclair, Finance Administrator


Tammy Sinclair, Finance Assistant & CFS Liaison Assistant

Tammy D. Sinclair is an Ojibwe Ikwe from Lake St. Martin First Nation.

Ms. Sinclair is a Finance Assistant who also works alongside the CFS Liaison. They aim to provide advocacy to ensure the voices of children and youth involved with the child welfare system are heard. As an independent office, they aim to advocate for systemic change for the benefit of children and youth under The Child and Family Services Act and The Adoption Act.

Tammy provides an environment of compassion and support to help individuals and families overcome obstacles to move forward and thrive.

Joni Wilson, Health Portfolio

Joni Wilson is a member of the Peguis First Nation and is a proud mom to a son, daughter and stepdaughter. Since coming on board with Southern Chiefs’ Organization in November of 2016, Joni has worked in the positions of Disabilities Initiative Coordinator and Non-Insured Health Benefits Navigator, while also representing the Jordan’s Principle – Child First Initiative portfolio at SCO.  She greatly enjoys working with the First Nation communities, building working relationships, networking and strives to meet any needs identified. On her personal time, Joni is an active volunteer, advocate and spokesperson for numerous child-health charities.


Pam Davis, Violence Prevention & Safety Coordinator

Pamela Davis is an Indigenous woman from Ebb & Flow First Nation.

She started with SCO as the Taxicab Community Complaint Advocate in October 2016, where she addressed and assisted community members’ complaints regarding the taxicab service in Winnipeg.

Since then she has been appointed as the Violence Prevention and Safety Coordinator, where she is dedicated to advocate, as well as provide support and resources to those in need.



Lisa Assiniboine, Community Justice Worker, Long Plain

Lisa Assiniboine from Long Plain First Nation. She is the proud mother of 3 daughters, 1 son and numerous adopted children. Lisa has been a jingle dress dancer for many years and continues to teach her children the traditional ways she was taught. Lisa enjoys sewing and beading in her spare time. She enjoys teaching other women to make regalia’s such as jingle dresses, fancy outfits and moccasins.

Lisa currently works as Community Justice Worker in Long Plain and for some of the surrounding First Nations.


Bonnie Woodhouse, Community Justice Worker, Pinaymootang

Bonnie Woodhouse (Interim-Justice Coordinator) is from Pinaymootang First Nation as the JC she is responsible for administering the First Nation Justice Strategy to five First Nations.  She communicates and develops working relationships with RCMP, Manitoba Probations, Crown Attorneys, Chief & Council, and Clients. She is also a Board member of The Restorative Justice Association of Manitoba, and has her Commissioner for Oaths.



Andrea Swampy, Community Justice Worker, Sagkeeng

Andrea Swampy is from Sagkeeng First Nation; she is a wife and a mother of 3. She has been employed as a Community Justice Worker with SCO since July, 2012. Andrea loves her community of Sagkeeng; she was raised in Sagkeeng and continues to raise her own children in the community. She loves to work with her community members, as well as members from the surrounding area. Andrea strongly supports Restorative Justice and believes that anyone can turn themselves around if they are willing to work on self-healing and if they are ready to build a brighter future for themselves; with a strong support team and with self-determination anything is possible.