Health Services Integration Project

Southern Chiefs’ Organization (SCO) representing 33 southern First Nations in Manitoba has been granted project funding through Health Canada for the purpose of defining priorities and developing innovative solutions to enhancing health care access and quality for First Nations people.

The Southern Chiefs’ Organization; Health Services Integration Fund Project philosophy shall encompass the key concepts of Client Centered Health Care and Community Centered Health Care.  This will be driven by the Southern Chiefs’ Organization/Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Framework for Health Adaptation strategies of: Access; Quality; Awareness; Structure and Communication.


Primary Project Objectives

  1. Engagement with the First Nations Communities Health Leadership to pinpoint barriers that reduce capacity/accessibility of Health Care Services to First Nations.
  1. Facilitation of trilateral/multilateral partnerships; Provincial; Territorial; Federal and Private health care agencies to work together to support integration, aggregation and work in joint initiatives for First Nations.


Key Activities

  1. Engagement with Tribal Council Health Directors and Independent Community Health Directors to craft documentation which captures Southern Health Directors vision for a unified health care system.
  1. Facilitate the engagement process to sustain current partnerships and develop additional partnerships with the continuum of health care providers, (Community Based; Federal; Provincial; Private) with the goals of trilateral partnerships.
  1. Analysis and utilization of quantitative and qualitative data for the development of sustainable resources and partnerships.
  1. Enhancement of Communication processes to ensure transparent, appropriate and timely dissemination of information to all partners in the Collaborative Strategic Action Plan.
  1. Utilizing the data for the Southern First Nations, craft a toolkit/program/resource document that is self-sustainable to augment health care systems on Southern First Nations.


Phase 1

The first phase of the Health Services Integration Fund Project entails SCO meeting with First Nation community health care providers and leaders to obtain knowledge and understanding of community capacity and requirements to achieving a strong community based health care system.  The information obtained shall drive the work plan and goals for the project to have meaning for the communities and the development of a program that benefits accessibility to quality health care services that are culturally appropriate.  Additionally, SCO shall facilitate and promote health care service provider’s partnerships across the continuum for multi-jurisdictional collaboration.

Health Care System Capacity Analysis at the multi-jurisdictional level shall be conducted by SCO which will provide valuable insight and direction to the goal of improved health status for First Nation people.  At all stages of the Health Services Integration Project, SCO shall provide community members and stakeholders information and status updates as requested.



SCO Determinants of Health Overview

First Nations Toolkit for Health System Change

Collaborative Strategic Action Plan

Framework for Health Adaptation