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Winnipeg Office
1572 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3E 0L4
Ph: (204) 946-1869
Fax:(204) 946-1871
Toll Free: 1-866-876-9701

Unit 2 – 4820 Portage Avenue
Swan Lake First Nation
Headingley, Manitoba
R4H 1C8
Ph: (866) 876-9701
Jerry Daniels 114 Grand Chief
Joanne Soldier 110 Director of Operations
Wilma Manningway 107 Assistant to the Director of Operations
Bev Sinclair 112 Finance Administrator
Chloe Courchene 101 Administrative Assistant
IN PROGRESS Health Benefits Navigator & Advocate
103 Violence Prevention & Safety Coordinator
Pamela Davis 102 Taxicab Complaint, Community Advocate
IN PROGRESS Health Research & Engagement Liaison
105 Health Services Integration Fund Coordinator (HSIF)
Joni Wilson Disabilities Initiative Program Coordinator
Corey Whitford Communications
Brenda Bear 108 Child & Family Services Liaison
Nicky McKinney CFS Assistant & Social Media Coordinator
Tammy Sinclair N/A Administrative Assistant
Brandon Sinclair N/A Administrative Assistant
IN PROGRESS Community Justice Development Coordinator
Bonnie Woodhouse N/A Community Justice Worker – Pinaymootang
Andrea Swampy N/A Community Justice Worker – Sagkeeng
IN PROGRESS N/A Community Justice Worker – Waywayseecappo
Lisa Assiniboine N/A Community Justice Worker – Long Plain
Amanda Chapman N/A Community Justice Worker – Pine Creek